Migration to another country is often cumbersome and long duration process. The different terms and conditions for various types of visas for different countries are often difficult to understand. Visa consultation services offered by many immigration experts are most useful in this regard. If the services of a visa consultant are not utilized, then there are chances that you may face many problems. The criteria considered for evaluation of eligibility pertains to your age, educational qualification, work experience, financial capacity and other information about your background. Then your application is scrutinized, and awarded points for your credentials and then the authorities come to the conclusion to whether or not to grant a visa to you. If you are not eligible, then the money spent is lost and also you will not receive any refund for payments made from the respective embassy.

BRIGADE-VISAS evaluates your eligibility based on the information provided by you on line. The eligibility criteria varies from process to process depending on the attributes like Education, Level of Education , Stream of Education, Current Occupation, Total Experience, Age, Proficiency in English etc.